Find Your new voice!

Anne Moir Singing is a Phiadelphia-based vocal coaching studio specializing in contemporary and stage singing,  teaching international students since 2021. Anne is a head voice and resonant singing specialist, using Bel Canto opera concepts to teach students to deliver clear, consistent sound for most styles of singing. It is an ideal style for soloists and musical stage performers as it can be used to fill large spaces without using microphones.

It is a strain free singing method that can be used at full power for four hours a night, six nights a week. 

The singing style can be used for close work with studio microphones as well. It can be tweaked to support pop, folk, blues, R&B and rock!

I am an opera and stage trained singer, with experience as a soloist, backup singer and choir performer. I sing Stage, opera, blues, crooner, folk, and pop. I have been studying stage and Bel Canto opera singing since 2017 (and still take classes twice a week). I have also completed the New York Vocal Coaching Teacher Training course.

The NYVC training provides an anatomy based, point by point development of vocal techniques. It provides the ability to drill into specific issues you might have, and provide customized exercises to address expanding or fortifying your sound.

I have an excellent kinesthetic sense from years of movement training in the form of ballet (3 yrs), tai-chi and kung-fu (7 yrs). I currently study movement with an Alexander Technique instructor. These all give me useful tools for working with removing strain, as well as methods for communicating singing concepts to those who are kinesthetically oriented.

I embrace business concepts like Kaizen "continuous improvement" and apply those ideas to  the process of learning to sing. Singing is about building good habits and continuously refining them. 

I also work with Transgender people as they work to manage changing how they present to the world. For FtM people, its primarily about learning to manage the physical changes to your vocal system and range. For MtF people, it is about learning to use head voice  to speak in the same way as you would use for singing. This provides the additional benefit of your speaking and singing voices sounding consistent with each other!

I would love the opportunity to help you discover your new voice together! That is why I offer a FREE student consult. Please email me to arrange the appointment.

Blocks of four 30 minute lessons: $100
Blocks of four 1-hour lessons: $200
email to buy a block of lessons!

This performance is from 2023, and is part of a fund-raiser performance for the Courthouse Center for the Arts in North Kingston, RI.

This was done without any microphones or amplification.

This is a skill any singer can learn!